Short links are clicked.

URL link shortener is a tool thanks to which your content looks professional and your link is friendly.


What's is link shortening?


Link shortening is presenting URLs in a shorter, minimalist - simple form. It consists in the fact that the long link is masked, hidden in the short link.After clicking on it, we are redirected to the appropriate website.


Why is it worth shortening, or simplifying, links?

Shortened links are aesthetic and therefore look much better. They are also conducive to building a positive brand image. The appropriate visual effect of the link facilitates marketing activities. Plus, shorter links are easier to remember. They also allow you to quickly dictate a link when we are unable to send it.


When is it worth using shortened links?

It is worth using them by sending a link in the Messenger, SMS or in social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Short links can be successfully placed on printed materials - leaflets, brochures or business cards.


How it works?

  • After you paste the loooong link, we will send it to our system.
  • The long link is assigned a short code, such as "czy5r".
  • To the short code we add our address:
  • Your eyes see a short link:
  • That's all! You can copy it and use it anywhere you want.